Why are Oxy-Gen Horse Supplements so popular?

Build Your Champion with Oxy-Gen Equine Supplements.

Oxy-Gen Supplements for horses are very popular in Barrel Racing and Roping, but they are gaining widespread popularity in other events such as Jumping, Reining, Working Cowhorse, and Cutting.  This popularity is gained through the incredible results these supplements deliver.  From healing ulcers and protecting your horse's gut to providing industry leading electrolyte support when your horse needs it the most, there is an OxyGen Supplement built to bring out the best in your horse.

Oxy-Gen' s original patented formula takes a completely different approach than most conventional supplements.
The Oxy-Gen formula is a ground breaking formula designed by Dr. Jack McEowen.

Understanding how our Original Oxy-Gen formula works is the key to understanding the success of all of our formulas.

Equine Oxy-Gen is a natural product containing Octacosanol which is derived from wheat germ extract. This all natural ingredient has a HUGE impact! Studies show that Octacosanol has been clinically proven to increase oxygen utilization during exercise. Improving the performance of your horse’s heart and blood vessel system is the main function of Equine Oxy-Gen.

It promotes the efficient conversion of food into energy, resulting in increased muscle strength, endurance, vigor, quicker reaction and faster recovery times.
Our Original Oxy-Gen™ daily pellet supplement is designed to maximize genetic potential and allow the respiratory and cardiovascular systems to work more efficiently.

When the heart and lungs work better you get a boosted immune system, more topline and hindquarter muscle, better stamina and faster recovery.

 Oxy-Gen® is the nation’s leading manufacturer in all natural, drug free supplements combining premium ingredients with advanced technology that are proven time and time again in the arena.

OxyGen combines animal nutrition, animal husbandry, and feed manufacturing know how to develop each and every product we make. We know that a good product won’t live up to its potential if an animal doesn’t eat it. That’s why each and every OxyGen horse product is first formulated for palatability using only premium natural ingredients.

All Oxy-Gen Equine Supplements are approved by WPRA, PRCA, AQHA, NRHA, FEI,  NASC, and More!

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