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We're Proud to be an Oxy-Gen Equine Supplement Dealer

The #1, Premium, All Natural Supplement Brand for Performance Horses. 

Photos of Sponsored Rider - Rachel Slathar, proud Oxy-Gen Supplement user.

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Build Your Champion with Oxy-Gen Equine Supplements


Backed by industry leading research and incredible results. With 2 WNFR World Champions in 2017 and 4 more horses that qualified for the WNFR, I'd say the Oxy-Gen team has proven how effective these supplements are!

 Oxy-Gen® is the nation’s leading manufacturer in all natural, drug free supplements combining premium ingredients with advanced technology that are proven time and time again in the arena.

OxyGen Equine Products combines animal nutrition, animal husbandry, and feed manufacturing know how to develop each and every product we make. We know that a good product won’t live up to its potential if an animal doesn’t eat it. That’s why each and every OxyGen horse product is first formulated for palatability using only premium natural ingredients.

All Oxy-Gen Equine Supplements are approved by WPRA, PRCA, AQHA, NRHA, FEI,  NASC, and More!

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☆MAGNESIUM☆ - the macro nutrient that kind of got forgotten about! 
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Welcome to Legacy Leather Co!

Legacy Leather Co. is located in Redmond, OR where Christina Withers proudly creates high quality, custom tack, tooled belts, custom purses, custom wallets, custom clutches, and more while adhering to traditional tooling methods. Her distinctive tooling designs, use of the highest quality leather, and commitment to durability and style makes for some unique and stunning tack sets, belts, purses, and more.

LLC recently branched out to become your trusted source and authorized dealer for horse supplements from OxyGen Equine.

I am happy to help you choose the perfect OxyGen Equine supplements for your horse to support them whatever their job may be. OxyGen horse supplements support your horse's joint health, gut health, performance, and immune system. OxyGen horse supplements truly make a big difference horses performing in barrel racing, roping, rodeos, reining, cow horse, team sorting, and even trail riding. 

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OxyGen Equine Horse Supplements

The #1 All Natural Supplement Brand for Performance Horses

OxyGen Horse Supplements have been the nation's leading manufacturer in all natural horse supplements that help your horse work harder, perform better, and train better than ever.  OxyGen Equine Horse Supplements are trusted by the best in the barrel racing business including Sherry Cervi, Michelle McLeod, Sarah Rose McDonald, Tami Semas, Jana Bean, and Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi. 

OxyGen supplements for horses use premium ingredients and the latest technology.  Build your Champion with OxyGen products today.  

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