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☆MAGNESIUM☆ - the macro nutrient in horses that kind of got forgotten about!

☆Magnesium is a hot topic right now in both the horse and human worlds as recognition of its role in many body systems increases, so does the realization that many horses diets are sorely lacking in magnesium.
☆So why is magnesium such a big deal? It is used in many of a horse's body functions so you can imagine how a deficiency could create challenges for a horses body. It is considered one of the most important macro nutrients used in over 300 enzyme reactions in the body!
☆Because it is used in so many bodily functions magnesium is used up very quickly in horses, especially those during exercise, in stressful situations such as travel or sickness, and colder weather. Most grasses, forages, hays, and commercially available feeds do not adequately supplement magnesium leading to a deficiency.
☆Magnesium is used in many systems in the body. It protects from inflammation and helps reduce free-radicals. Some of the body's systems it supports are:
• Nervous System - deficient horses are often nervous, spooky, and have a hard time focusing.
• Digestive System
• Immune System
• Muscles - helps with relaxation, recovery, and electrolyte balance
• Electrolyte balance
• May play a role in reducing insulin resistance and other metabolic diseases
• Bones
☆Magnesium is used in calming supplements because of its role in the nervous system and muscle relaxation. Several studies show correlation between magnesium deficiency in horses and nervousness, lack of focus, and excitability.
☆Magnesium is rarely overdosed as the horses body will only absorb the amount it needs.
☆The importance of magnesium is the exact reason why it is an all natural ingredient in many of the Oxy-Gen Equine Products. It is buffered so it is gentle on the horses gut, and in the most bio-available form so you know you are getting your money's worth and your horse is absorbing it.
☆ To get even deeper into the nitty gritty of magnesium, this article from Kentucky Equine Research is an excellent resource:

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