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E-Charge is a Quick Absorbing Oral Electrolyte, Amino Acid, and Trace Mineral Supplement for Horses Under Stress from Summer Heat, Hard Work, Training, and Physical Activity.

It is especially useful to help replenish your horse after using Lasix.

Product Facts:

E-CHARGE™ is recommended to support electrolyte balance and to maintain normal body fluid levels.

E-Charge™ is a powdered electrolyte that can be added to the daily feed ration.

It contains essential amino acids which are very important in a horse’s diet and cannot be synthesized by your horse.

There are 10 essential amino acids required for the body to create proteins for muscle development, bone density, blood, and skin/hair/coat support. The Horse-Canada Journalexplained, in 2012, that when a horse owner is evaluating a horse’s diet, we are really just formulating a program to meet the essential amino acid requirements the body needs to build proteins. Amino acids are also vital for maintaining weight and keeping overall body condition.

After our clinical trials comparing your Electrolytes to other store-bought ones we currently use, we have come to the conclusion that our horses prefer your product over the others. They also seem to eat faster and they go to drink water when finished eating. The horses stalled overnight had a definite increase in water intake compared to other electrolytes. All horses in the program ate your product without any hesitation; so the end result is I will definitely need to buy more.

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Guaranteed Analysis per 1 ounce (28g):
(All values are minimum unless otherwise stated)

Crude Protein — 23.00% — 6440 mg
Lysine — 1.80% — 504 mg
Arginine — 1.80% — 504 mg
Glycine — .070% — 196 mg
Leucine — 0.50% — 140 mg
Isoleucine — 0.50% — 140 mg
Valine — 0.50% — 140 mg
Glutamine — 0.30% — 84 mg
Ornithine — 0.30% — 84 mg
Crude Fat — 0.50% — 140 mg
Crude Fiber, max — 1.00% — 280 mg
Moisture, max — 5.00% — 1400 mg
Calcium — 0.11% — 31 mg
Calcium, max — 0.13% — 36 mg
Phosphorus — 0.04% — 11 mg
Salt — 0.01% — 3 mg
Salt, max — 0.03% — 9 mg
Magnesium — 0.02% — 6 mg
Potassium — 0.13% — 36 mg
Chloride — 0.12% — 34 mg
Inulin — 0.10% — 28 mg
Iron — 12 ppm — 34 mg
Zinc — 2 ppm — 6 mg
Vitamin E — 390 IU — 780mg


Sugar, Dried skimmed milk, Vitamin E Supplement, L-lysine, L-arginine, Glycine, L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, L-glutamine, L-ornithine, Potassium chloride, Iron sulfate, Calcium carbonate, Inulin, Phosphorus, Magnesium sulfate, Zinc sulfate, Salt.

Feeding Directions:

Feed at the rate of one ounce (28g) top dressed on feed daily.

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