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Product image 1Oxy 02 - Equine 7  | OxyGen Equine
Product image 2Oxy 02 - Equine 7  | OxyGen Equine
Product image 3Oxy 02 - Equine 7  | OxyGen Equine
Product image 4Oxy 02 - Equine 7  | OxyGen Equine

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OXY O2 from EQUINE 7 is a pre-performance Vitamin E supplement that supports oxygen utilization and normal stamina and endurance.

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For use in horses only.

"OXY O2™ is recommended to help maintain normal pulmonary health, and to help support normal integrity and function of the lungs.

What the Professionals are saying:

Michelle McLeod runs Slick By Design on Oxy 02:

"Oxy 02 is the best pre-performance supplement that I have ever used!  When you are looking for that little edge before you run, this product gives the results you need. I run “Slick by Design” on Oxy 02 for every run I make. My horses stay relaxed, focused and have reduced the recovery time after each run!  Being an Oxy-Gen customer for 3 years, all my horses look healthy and feel great but with adding Oxy 02 they are now running harder than ever! With the advanced
technology in this formula, I never worry about Slick not having that fire!"

Michele McLeod

2013 & 2014 NFR Qualifier
2013 Justin Boots Champion, Omaha, NE
2013 All-American QH Congress Sweepstakes Champion

Product Facts:

OXY O2™ is recommended to help maintain normal pulmonary health, and to help support normal integrity and function of the lungs.

Arginine – An amino acid and potent nitric oxide enhancer that causes vasodilation of both smooth and skeletal muscles. It dilates the vessels of the skeletal muscles, thus providing more blood flow. The vasodilating properties work well in horses that tie up and is extremely useful in treating “Bleeders” because it reduces resistance to the blood flow through the lungs (racehorsemeds.com)

Hyaluronic acid (buffered) – HA a lubricating fluid that’s naturally found in the skin, eyes, joints, fluid, and connective tissue. HA provides more lubrication than glucosamine due to how it holds water which is more beneficial to the joint fluid and important for shock absorption. HA is an integral component of synovial fluid and articulate cartilage (draxe.com)

Magnesium Hydroxide – used as an antacid to neutralize stomach acid and also as a laxative. In some cases, it is prescribed to help relieve mild colic (equimed.com)

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) – MSM is A natural sulfur-containing compound that can be found in your horse’s body. The compound splits into methionine and Cysteine, two important amino acids. MSM is primarily used as a joint supplement to aid in the health of collagen and cartilage. It helps reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Skin, coat, and health supplements often contain added MSM for the sulfur. MSM may benefit a horse healing from an injury or suffering from chronic arthritic changes in its joints as well. (Equimed.com)

Octacosanol – used to improve exercise performance including strength, stamina, and reaction time.

Soybean Oil – classified as a vegetable oil it contains the good unsaturated fats with omega 3 essential fatty acid’s and vitamin E. The omega-3 essential fatty acid’s balance out the omega-6 your horse gets from other food sources.

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